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Hi there! My name's Sam. I'm an award winning digital creative from London with a PhD in kickass. With experience working with a variety of jobs in film, TV and web I can deliver your business to a range of media platforms it deserves to maintain the digital edge above the competition. Or perhaps you want to congratulate me on the new beard? Take a look around and send me a message if you want to know more.

visual effects

Missing a helicopter explosion from your indie film about bunnies and unicorns? No? Well I think you'll find you are mistaken. Adding an explosion in anything increases market value by 90% and that is definitely not I number I just made up.

motion graphics

Logos, pictures, videos - they always look a gazillion times better when they've got some awesome 3D spin or light trails behind it that go WHOOSH. Dazzle your audience with a display of professional prowess or send them into hospital with a seizure (I lie, that never happens).

viral video

Staff unmotivated? I'll show those lackies what true pain is with a twenty minute clip of how boring it is to work for your company. No, I don't make those anymore but I can send your business viral with a short. My videos have totalled over 600,000 views.
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