Who, me?

You needed that project completed and you needed it five hours ago. Problem is... I'm not Doug from accounting. I'm Sam and you're in the wrong office.

"...well, he does  sometimes scream loudly whilst running up stairs...should that  count for something?"

Steven - Sam's Housemate 2012

Well hello! You're probably here because you want to know more about the man behind the mask.

I'm Sam a motion designer and animator from London, England.  I've been working in advertising and TV for seven years  have earnt more grey, work-related hairs than you've been to crappy weddings. I began my journey dreaming that one day my animations can cure cancer, boredom  and   an  empty stomach. And my dream is almost complete.

I'm black belt in After Effects not to mention the entire Creative Suite bundle. But I also know Cinema 4D, Nuke and Maya because exploding cars look like x10 better in 3D.

Get in touch for details like my availability, job opportunities, rates or to confirm whether or not you saw me at that thing.

Sam Gilmore Motion Graphics

+44 (0)7828  329  285
10c Chadwick Road, London, E11 1NF