Lexus RX Social Campaign

Lexus RX Social Content

Motion & Design

In-keeping with the Live the Life TV Commercial, our new assets deployed cinematic narrative styles  tailored for shareable social content. 


Facebook Carousel

Facebook Carousel ads were designed with the option to either be brand-centred thus hammering home the brand identity or, to be more beguiling, operating as stand-alone content in order to maximise their likes and shares. This latter option takes the form of a cinematic narrative, enticing the viewer to scroll through the story until they land on a link to the nearest geo-located dealership where they can book a test drive.


Instagram Advertisement

This video utilised bold text and box shapes, drawn from the iconic designs of Saul Bass, incorporating multiple images simultaneously with the strapline (Live the Life). This heavily stylised route allows us to maximise the amount of content while keeping the titles consistent with the golden-era cinematic mise-en-scene, of the Jude Law led TVC.

Facebook Advertisement

Inspired by the bold, existing Lexus RX website campaign we looked to use the diamond motif as the shape for a set of diagonal edits across the 15 second video. The shape of the diamond will subtly magnified the aspirations of the successful high flyer, whilst working symmetrically within an square 1:1 proportioned frame for maximum feed visibility.